Satan say´s more beer

by thrashit

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track: 1-Satan say´s more beer / 2-Good education...not!! / 3- Military Form / 4-I wanna be a dinosaur / 5-El rata / 6-Silver stone / 7-Rotten creation / 8-Caverna / 9-Shot of power


released February 12, 2013

Produced by THRASHIT / Engineered & mixed by "George de perro" Martinez. / All song Written and composed by THRASHIT




thrashit Santiago, Chile

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Track Name: Satan say´s more beer

Destroying myself with lies and alcohol
In a corner eating lies of a TV show
Gasping for the last breath of conscience
I want a gun in my hand or a rope in my neck

All the walls spit my back
And kick my face
Slowly asphyxiating myself
I see a way-out of this damn loneliness

Taking the keys of my bike
And touching the death with my soul
In the streets crazy people and neon
Frenetics, alcoholics, religious
Suicide, jealous and kind liar

Ambitious merchants come and go without a reason, but a stench of sulfur wake’s me up
In a strange place something tells me…

Chorus (x2)
Keep out now
Run to another place
Keep out now
Do you like beer in the hell?
Keep out now
Run to another place
Go away now
Satan say’s more beer!

I don’t think I follow my instincts
Taking the rebelliousness out of my blood
But curtain of fire stops me right
In front of my eyes

Surprise among the flames smiling
With violence getting through the other side
This is my home
Beer, rum and brutal riff
Head bangers, the beast style

Satan say’s more beer
And with his grips he say’s come to me
Are you happy? Are you bakan?
If a looser you are
Go to another world

Chorus (x2)

Keep out now, Go away now
Satan say’s one more…Beer
Stay the hell out, fags!

This party is a hard lash in my mind
I finish bleeding on the floor
After that a violent hit dance
Pulverized drunk and dope
This night I found out…

The paradise is in the hell
Track Name: Good education...not!!

The principal is just a bum
The teacher a corrupt dictator
Who feeds on this bad system
They convince you that this education

Shut up! Shout the teacher
I am the authority here
This are my goddamn rules
You have the duty to obey

With lashes we are corrected
Like damn circus animals
Except that in our cages there books and desks
And any clowns who’s show their diplomas

Pre Chorus
The school
Is a damn road
Of repression
The potential within you
Repressing your creativity
They hinder your ideas
And dictate how you must live

Chorus (x2)
Don’t try to teach me
don’t force me
Because you can’t educate
Because you can’t educate me

Free your mind from the repression
Rebel one more time against this damn education
Destroy and destroy all around
And disrupt things and the hell with it

Your time has come
Fucking corrupt thieves
Their shouts, cursing and humiliation
Will be their damn henchman

Shut up! Shout the teacher
I am the authority here
This are my goddamn rules
You have the duty to obey

With lashes we are corrected
Like damn circus animals
Except that in our cages there books and desks
And any clowns who’s show their diplomas

Pre Chorus


The end of dictatorship
The beginning of my rules
Fuck up teachers
Fuck up schools (x3)
Track Name: Military Form

Eighteen years – I I Sir
Skin heads – I I Sir
Uniform men – I I Sir

You are right now under my fucking control
Scream with me

Move it man…now!

This bitches want to drive you
Introducing their excrement ideology
Turning you into a mechanic man
Who doesn’t question the military authority

You are just a number
And a target for the system
Who sold his dream
For a handful of lies
They force you to swallow

They forces you to swallow
They Forces you
They forces you to swallow

Fuck up Military

Kiss my ass

They count your years
Until you are a eighteen
Ready to kill in cold blood
The rock & roll that flow through you veins

Without you knowing they wash your brain
Adopting their murderous rules
Wearing their bloody uniforms
Polishing their human skin boots
They force you to swallow

Fuck up Military

Suck my balls fags

Military form
Under the sun
No rock No roll
(Repeat after me soldiers)
No rock
No roll…
Track Name: I wanna be a dinosaur

You wanna be a president
You wanna be a rich
You wanna be a superstar
You wanna be a soldier
Or famous guitaris
Wanna you be a Brad?
So you can fuck Angelina

You wanna be a hero
A perfect son of god
To help the stupid people
So you can change this sheety world

Wanna you be my friend?
My friend?
You wanna be like me motherfucker
And to be where I am
But you never be like me

I wanna be – be a dinosaur
I wanna be – be a dinosaur
I wanna be – be a dinosaur
I wanna be – be a dinosaur

Fuck fuck -- like a dinosaur
Kill kill -- like a dinosaur
Rage rage -- like a dinosaur
Die die!!!

We are a goddamn dinosaur
Track Name: El rata

Desata la ira
Que recorre tus venas
De esa asquerosa rata
Que no vale la pena

Vomítalo – Escúpelo – Destrúyelo
No dejes que la rata se ponga de pie
Vomítalo – Escúpelo – Destrúyelo
No dejes que la rata vuelva a vivir

Impacta la furia
En su rostro clamó
En el suelo la rata
Entre sangre y dolor


Cuando mires sus ojos
El verá el terror
Y ya no lo levantes
Por que su hora llego

Track Name: Silver Stone

Walk -Walk-Walk
Walk in invasion
Walk in blood
Walk in destruction

Walk for the silver stone
Silver storm
Go to the hills

Humankind is fuck by money
People fight for the stone
Would you kill for a dollar?
Humankind, fuck!


Your eyes follow for the power
Is your life a mess up road?
The blood storm will cut your head
Think this on the road


You fuck your mother for a dollar
Peace and love are just a dream
The evil hound will eat your mind
This world is dying and fucking down


Walk for the silver stone…
Track Name: Rotten creation

The perfect crime
There’s no judgment
Nor judge
Incredible but true

Rotten creation
Evil race
Our environment
Speak for it self

What is harmful is accepted
The evil is a franchise
And the Negros
Unjustly slaved

Violent religions
Political ambitions
Unlimited submission

Where is the evolution?
What is the evolution now?


Prisoner of your inventions
Prisoner of your religions
Prisoners of your wrong information
Where, tell me where is the evolution


Your miserable brain
Just think in your stinking ass
Without conscience to reason
Is your crime against this rotten humanity

In their hands is the evilness
Your arrogance let them dominate
With lies they bought your integrity
And with money they bought your stinking dignity

And they bought you with false security
Insuring you a good future
Neither dreams nor hopes
Only you cruel and absurd reality
Track Name: Caverna

There’s someone else
Doesn´t do it like me
Don´t have the sweat
Of this stale song

Smell a stench and it´s shadow is my torment
Within the wall I hear, from this old porch
Forgotten hallways they have…

Through your ears their stories filter up, everything is false, everything a fucking lie
Scapening, and their mouth meeting blame
Waking in an alley, with their back to the truth
Abusing in the name…

Without even scratching the glow of my identity
Something that they will never have
Left was the cavern, desolates of water light´s
Taking on this road full of confusion
When the new lines are created, emptiness speak
That´s enough, the hunger says

While churning, breaking the chains
Skin without skin, of a clear repeated picture
Which no one understand, and no one never will, abusing in the name
Track Name: Shot of power

The road in your life
It’s monotonous and sad
It’s end up at the same time
When the music dies

Waking through the system
Junk music wants to came in
Everybody is in agreement
You be not one more

Man, look at yourself
This is for you
You repeat day in and day out
The road to your destruction

Few they are who wakes up to reality
They who see

The solution is only one
You just need a steel injection
Unplug the cable from your amplifier
And shoot it straight to the vein

Shot of power
Get out of the decadence that’s surround you
Shot of power
And feed the hunger of your instincts
Shot of the power
Don’t limit yourself what the world spect of you

Shot of the power
Break your mind and let yourself live
Shot of the power
Fuck off law and order
Shot of the power
I sheet on your tradition and deathones

Addicted to the power
Addicted to the injection
Addicted to the metal
And break everyone else jaws

Feel the power of metal
Wich blows your limit
Give free rein to your life
Living without sleep

Nobody can’t tell you
What you have to do
Don’t subdue
Just by mere obvious reasons

Every day just live
Shoot a new dose
Every time more and more
Till your head explode of too much metal

Shot of power…